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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Se stie cum canadienii traiesc de la un salariu la altul . Food Bank Canada  vine si ne spune lucruri foarte interesante : cine sunt saracii ?

---  Pai .... cei care muncesc pe bani putini. Si astia's cam ... 11,4 % din clientii de la Food Banks. Evidentele lor, arata ca majoritatea clientilor lor..... au joburi full time. Adica muncesc si tot sunt nevoiti sa intinda mana , ca nu au cum sa-si intretina familia.

Working Poor
People with jobs constitute the third largest group of food bank clients, at 11.4%. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the majority of food bank clients with jobs are employed at low wages. The loss of full-time jobs during the recent recession and the expansion of the low-wage economy has generated more working poor who are unable to meet basic needs for themselves and their families.

--- Copiii. 37,8 % din clienti erau copii sub 18 ani. Saracia in randul copiilor a ramas la acelasi nivel, inca de acum 20 de ani .... Deci eu nu inteleg cum se impuiaza oamenii, cand ei nu au fonduri de rezerva, care sa le asigure sa-si creasca si sa-si educe plozii : si astea fonduri numai pentru cresterea si educare aplozilor, nu si pentru intretinerea familiei . In mod cert, cineva are nevoie de legea eutanasiei .... sau macar de aia a castrarii. Cat de imbecili pot fi, sa faca plozi, fara sa aiba rezervele asigurate ? Ca lasa ... vedem noi ce o sa le dam de mancare ... bine ca avem ocazia sa ne jucam de'a mamica si taticu'  ! Cand traiesti de la un salariu la altul ( pe care poti sa-l pierzi oricand ), te pui pe facut puradei, si dupa 2-3 , x ani, descoperi ca nu te mai descurci. Si sariti lume, ca n-am ce da de mancare la puradei ! De cata inteligenta e nevoie, ca sa faca cineva chestia asta ?
Children continue to be over-represented among food bank recipients in Canada. This year, 37.8% of food bank clients were under 18. Child poverty has remained at the same level for two decades

---  Familiile cu plozi : 27,5 % Da, toarna plozi, dupa care tipa ca n--au ce sa le dea de mancare : sa-i ajute statul si societatea ! Bine ca le-a placut sa se iepureasca ....
 Families with children
Over half of households who turn to a food bank for assistance are families with children.  The single parent family is still one of Canada's most economically vulnerable groups. It is likely that many of the single parent households assisted by food banks (27.5% of the total),

--- Oamenii cu dizabilitati 15 %. Food Banks Canada spune ca ajutorul de dizabilitate nu e suficient ( asta in cazul in care sunteti suficient de norocosi incat sa nu va fie refuzat  ) ca sa poata trai.
Persons With Disabilities
Those receiving disability income supports now make up the second largest group of food bank users, according to the 2010 HungerCount report (15%). This is an example of the broader problem of inadequate social assistance in Canada. Disability support is not enough to help clients provide for themselves. If current disability programs and rates do not improve we expect to continue to see a rise in food insecurity among this demographic, since Canada has a rapidly aging society and life expectancy is increasing.

---Batranii 7,2 %. Astia mai au noroc ca ii intretin copiii, sau se duc in tarile sarace, unde sa poata trai din amarata de pensie canadiana ( cunoastem cazuri concrete ).
Seniors accessing food banks across Canada is a sad reality. HungerCount 2010 reports that seniors accounted for 7.2 % of adults assisted by food banks in a typical month.

---  Cei aflati pe ajutor social -  50,5 % . Ei spun ca ajutorul social nu e suficient in Canada pentru a supravietui.

Recipients of Social Assistance

People receiving social assistance as their primary source of income continue to make up the largest group of food bank clients. This year, 50.5% of those assisted by food bank in Canada were receiving social assistance. This suggests that social assistance rates in Canada are not sufficient to ensure food security for low-income Canadians. According to the National Council of Welfare, welfare rates across Canada continue to fall below Statistics Canada Low Income Cut-Offs.

In schimb, Canada bombardeaza Libia cu 240 bombe inteligente si refuza sa faca publice costurile.

Cu toate astea, presa spune ( in baza unui raport ) ca bombele inteligente au fost cumparate din SUA si ca o singura bomba a costat ... 100.000 $ ! Platite din banii cui credeti ?  Mai puteti adauga aici si costurile participarii la razboaiele NATO in lume ....

NATO has flown 3,100 attack missions with Canadian CF-18 fighter jets flying 324 of them so far, said Blanchette.
He wouldn't be pinned down on the cost of the bombs dropped, refusing to divulge the price tag of a single GBU-12 laser-guided smart bomb.
Canada buys its smart bombs from U.S. defence giant Lockheed Martin. Published reports have pegged the cost of a single bomb at $100,000.
"It is no secret that we are buying these from the United States. Information related to military foreign sales is limited, again because of operational security, because you could deduce the number of bombs that are available … it is a slippery ground," said Blanchette.

Intre timp, in Rai preturile cresc, alimentele se scumpesc, benzina creste, 80 % din piata joburilor e nepublicata ( v-am mai povestit despre hidden jobs ) e din ce in ce mai greu de trait. S-au inmultit cazurile de furturi de benzina la pompa   : un angajat al benzinariei, a murit, incercand sa opreasca hotul de benzina ...l-a tarat pe strada agatat de masina ....

Police say the driver was seen stopping just before the gas station and covering up his licence plates.
It's alleged he made off with about $75 worth of gas while the attendant, who tried to confront him, was struck by the car and dragged into the street.

                                Au inceput si grevele : moasele au protestat ca au salarii mici ...

Si Posta Canada a inceput grevele, prin orasele mai mici, si urmeaza Toronto

 Iar cireasa de pe tort este asta :

Politicianul amir Khadir, din Quebec, care s-a declarat a nu fi deloc incantat ca, cuplul royal ( Kate and William ) viziteaza Montrealul si Quebec City in iulie. Khadir a numit la cuplul royal "paraziti " , intr-un interviu acordat Jurnalului de Quebec .
   Motivul pentyru care ii considera paraziti, este ca ei cheltuiesc fondurile publice : o portiune din calatoria lor canadiana, e platita de taxele cetatenilor din Quebec, iar el nu e de acord cu asta. Trebuie sa recunoastem ca omu' are coloana vertebrala, nu gluma !
Pentru comparatie, cand Printul Charles a vizitat Montrealul in 2009, povestea i-a costat pe montrealezi 25.000 $ .
Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste,organizeaza demontratii pasnice de strada, cu ocazia vizitei : to be continued in iulie...

Royal newlyweds called 'parasites' by Que. MNA

Quebec politician Amir Khadir is not pleased the royal newlyweds will be visiting Montreal and Quebec City during their upcoming 9-day Canadian tour.Khadir, who is a member of Quebec's national assembly (MNA) and co-leader of Quebec Solidaire, referred to the royals as "parasites" in an interview with the Journal de Québec newspaper.
"What a waste of public money. All this to welcome those parasites," Khadir is quoted as saying in the article.
A portion of the trip's cost will be covered by Quebec taxpayers.
Khadir also told the newspaper that he doesn't mind laying out the red carpet for visitors with extraordinary ideas who have done remarkable things, but he finds it insulting to do so for those with royal blood.
Prince William and his wife Kate chose Canada for their first international tour as a married couple. The pair will kick off their Canadian visit in Ottawa , landing on June 30, before heading to Montreal and Quebec City on July 2 and 3.
Protests are already being organized by sovereignty group Réseau de résistance du Québécois (RRQ) to greet the royals in Quebec City.
"The Canadian people and the Quebecer people will pay for that [tour] and we strongly disagree with that," said RRQ spokesperson Julien Gaudreau.
Another group, Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste, is also planning peaceful demonstrations.
Khadir told the Journal de Québec he is not ruling out joining protesters on the streets.
In April, Quebec's International Relations Minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay announced Quebec would pay a portion of the costs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit, although the amount was yet to be determined.
When Prince Charles visited Montreal in 2009, it cost Quebec taxpayers $25,000.
ADQ leader Gérald Deltell was quick to denounce Khadir's comments Tuesday, saying the remarks are "a great dishonour for us."
Deltell said guests need to be treated with respect, regardless of any personal feelings about the role of the monarchy in Canada.
"You have to respect the tradition when you receive someone who is coming to your country," Deltell said.


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